Marsh : Modern Art

“Art allowed me to put my emotions and mental distractions on canvas, forcing my mind to surrender. Art will always remain my outlet, my love, my life, and without it i’d probably be insane”


Candyce “Marsh” John is an artist native of New Haven, CT, passionate about empowering others and using her art as a key to unleash creative minds confined to social faux pas. Although she was born with a natural tact for art, she was reborn after having a life changing epiphany that followed the passing of her grandmother. Her grandmother who played the role of a second mother from the time she was born, passed in 2013 and a dark cloud, lined in sorrow seem to cover the artist’s life. Art became a mere muse to escape the pain of mourning, yet an expression of everything she always felt about life.  


 On August 16, 2015 she entered the Freeminds Company Presents: Exhibition of Arts, her first art show, and suddenly she felt alive again. She felt a sense of purpose and destiny; a reason to continue to live. Acting in the sentiments of her new found passion, she enrolled in art school at Gateway Community College in New Haven, and began to explore ways to expound apon her natural artistic abilities. At 25, she enrolled in school with the initial intention of simply becoming an expert tattoo artist, but eventually grew in love with painting. She went on to present her work at an array of events and exhibits on the east coast, some of which include; Art and Rhymes (2015-2017), Read’s Art Space (2015-2017), Artist Vibes (2016-2017), Art House Presents: The State of The City(2016), Rainbow Fashion Week (2016),The Grind(2017), and The Nasty Women Exhibit (2017- ). Basel Bash (2019)

 Marsh is the founder of Juice Box and Paint.  Created in the summer of 2015, for aspiring artists between the ages of 2-12, to cultivate young minds in her community with a passion for art. Marsh also recently became a published  illustrator creating the illustrations for “Ma ma Do You Love me?


“I was a child once, and I understand the need for a child’s voice to be heard. They need outlets of free creative expression just as much as anyone else. I want to teach them a way to vent and explore the world constructively”



 Marsh attributes  much of her inspiration to artists such as; Basquiat, Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Jasper Johns, Renee Cox, and Samella Lewis. Yet, Marsh also believes much of her success coincides with lessons from her mother, a single-parent, who gave Marsh the edge and confidence to chase her dreams and be her own boss; a lesson that Marsh is honored to share with the world.


Marsh host a  variety of painting courses including paint and sips and private courses. she creates custom designs for clothing and sneakers. She also designs custom tattoos, creates custom art pieces including; portraits, paintings and drawings